Comic Critique Podcast #1: AvX and Marvel NOW!

Posted: October 28, 2012 in Marvel, Rants, Reviews, Uncategorized
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In this first episode of the Comic Critique Podcast, we (your hosts Alex and Phil)  introduce ourselves, talk about what makes a comic book “good”, and dive into the Marvel NOW! event.

First up is a review of the AvX event. We discuss what worked, what didn’t, and whether or not the event was a “success” as a whole.

Next up is a preview of the Marvel NOW! titles coming in November.  We’ll go title by title and talk about what to pick up and what to avoid like the plague.

Finally, we do our first “Superteam Draft.” In honor of the new Uncanny Avengers title, we’ll be drafting our very own mutant-loaded Avengers teams.

You can stream the show  here or download it at our podbean website. The show should be up on iTunes sometime this week.

Please send any feedback, questions, or other musings to


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