Recreate your favorite comic book battles with Heroclix

Posted: November 1, 2012 in DC, Marvel

By Alex Headley

The upcoming Batman themed set will introduce vehicles to the game for the first time.

As if I wasn’t enough of a nerd, in addition to collecting comics I’m a pretty avid gamer. Video games are fun, but I honestly prefer games that put you in social situations. So to get my fix, I play Heroclix once or twice a week. If I can’t make it to one of the local gaming shops to play in a tournament, I usually find time to play a game or two with my brother. The best thing about ‘Clix is that, for me, it’s more than just a semi-social strategy game. It lets put together my favorite comic characters on a team and battle them against other comic teams. Avengers vs. Justice League, Batman Family vs.  X-Men, Secret Six vs. Guardians of the Galaxy! There are so many possibilities. Tons of characters have been made into tiny plastic figures over the past ten years, even obscure ones. So that I don’t butcher the rules for you (and thus set a precedence for playing the game wrong) I’ll link you to two sites that can explain it better than I can. is a fan site that has more information on the game than anywhere else. And of course the official site for the game at

The best part of the game though, is making teams. Before starting a game you and your opponent settle on a point value. 300 is the standard for tournaments and WizKids events but my favorite is 400. It lets you squeeze on a few more characters for your team. Each character has a dial that you turn as the game progresses, usually as a result of a hit from an opponent. The numbers and colors on the dial represent the character’s combat values and powers. Powers can range from reducing damage from attacks to taking control of your opponent’s pieces for a turn. The game is played on a map that represents different locales from comics, usually a popular place in Marvel or DC such as Gotham City, the Fortress of Solitude, a SHIELD Helicarrier or the Savage Land. The figures have keywords that allow them to be played as a theme for bonuses during the game.

New sets come out fairly often, which is great but the downside to that is the cost. More product means more money to spend. A good problem to have I suppose but blind boosters and a complicated rarity system can make things occasionally frustrating. Luckily, the community I ply with is very generous and willing to share pieces. Still the drive to own all your favorites means lots of money spent in bulk in an attempt to get the pieces all at once or fighting the urge to buy a booster every time I walk into the shop.

Here are a few of my favorite teams. You can look at the dials for these figures on HCrealms.

300 Last Sons of the Justice League

JF 002- Superman 125 points

D10-019 Martian Manhunter 170 points

This team is for 300 point games and star my favorite characters that happen to be the last of their kind in a Justice League theme team. The 170 Martian Manhunter is a great figure with lots of fun powers at it’s disposal. Probably my favorite version of the character. The 125 Superman is a cheap beater that can’t be tied down.

400 Uncanny Avengers

CF-003 Captain America 75 points

CF-006 Scarlet Witch 75 points

AM-200 Thor 150 points

CW-029 Wolverine 90 points

This team is themed after Rick Remender’s Uncanny Avengers Marvel NOW! title. That Scarlet Witch is a powerful support piece. The Wolverine is my favorite clix version of the character. The same goes for the Free Comic Book Day Thor. The Captain America is mostly there to fill out the points and still meet theme. Wish it was Havok, but we don’t have a good one in the game yet.

500 Guardians of the Galaxy

TH-001 Bug 44 points

GG-039 Cosmo 52 points

GG-011 Drax 121 points

TH-028 Rocket Racoon 65 points

GG-010 Adam Warlock 165 points

This 500 point team is a blast to play. Adam Warlock can switch back forth to Magus throuhout the game and the Guardians of the Galaxy Alternate Team Ability keeps the team safe from outwit ( a power that turns powers off for a turn as a free action). If I want I can 30 points of the Infinity Gauntlet resource dial on Adam Warlock for a comic accurate power boost. Unfortunately I don’t own Groot, making all my GoG teams incomplete. Still, fielding both Rocket Racoon and Cosmo is great fun.

400 Batman Family

BF-005 Alfred Pennyworth 25 points

BM-001 Batman 100 points

BM-901 Batmobile (piloted) 119 points

BF-002 Damian Wayne 50 points

BF-004 Red Robin 100 points

Though I haven’t actually played this team yet (none of the figures have been released), I am really itching to play it. Batman is probably my favorite comics character of all time and there is no shortage of clix versions of him, but not until recently have we gotten the supporting cast that lets me make a true Batman Family team. Looking forward to having Alfred run over criminals with the Batmobile. There will be lots of Gotham theme teams coming in the next few months. I’m looking forward to fielding all the Robins and all the Batgirls at some point. Batman Inc. pieces are coming as well.

So there you have it, a glimpse into my nerdiest hobby. Have you played the game? Want to get started? Share you stories and teams in the comments. Maybe we can play a match on Heroclix Online. You can also come to Kingdom Comics on Saturdays to play in friendly tournaments or visit Bud’s Place Games in Leeds on Thursday.



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