Comic Gaming: Marvel Vs. Capcom

Posted: November 19, 2012 in Games, Marvel, Reviews
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Comic Gaming will be a semi-regular feature on Comic Critique. In each post I’ll talk a little about my favorite video games starring comic characters or concepts and review any new games that come out.

By Alex Headley

I’m a sucker for a good fighting game. Probably because my dad worked in an arcade when I was young and I cut my gaming teeth on Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter II.
But my favorite has always been the Marvel vs. Capcom series which pits Marvel heroes and villains against the likes of Mega Man, Ryu and Chun Li. Most of the games in the series let you create a team of three characters from either roster. You can tag characters in and out to string combos together or call in an assist to do a quick attack and then leave the screen. This 3v3 combat style makes the game unique and really lets you customize your playstyle. The  latest iteration in the series is Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. It’s also the easiest to handle, which is good because despite my love for the genre, I am not a great fighter. I thought I was good because I usually come out on top when I play with family or friends. But UMVC3’s online component put me in my place awfully fast. I’ve won a couple of games but many more matches were complete blowouts. I really only stood a chance with Hulk thanks to his easy combos, high damage and armor. But he’s slow so a fighter like Zero (from Mega Man X) can tear him up pretty easy. To cover his approach i use two projectile assists like Dr. Doom and Iron Man. Both of which have some fun combos of their own.

The game has a huge roster to choose from.

Being a comic fan, most of my teams are all Marvel; Dr. Strange, Hawkey, Nova, Super-Skrull and Rocket Raccoon (yes, you can shoot people in the face with the coolest raccoon of all time) are some of my favorites. I like the Capcom roster too, namely Ryu (a classic), Haggar( Final Fight),  Arthur (Ghosts and Goblins), the aforementioned Zero and the Nemesis ( Resident Evil). Character combinations are the heart if the series and experimenting with the roster is the best part. Playing Arcade mode on varying difficulties is a great time but Ultimate really shines in Heroes and Heralds mode. This lets you expand on the base game with the addition of action cards that alter your abilities in some way. Some may take away your ability to block for a huge damage boost or let your health recharge faster at the cost of your special meter. Some of the effects get kind of crazy, letting you play three of the same character or enter a power up phase that pushes your character over the edge. The best ones let you siphon health from your enemies or have an endless special meter to perform lots of Hyper Combos. The mode adds a lot of playability when your friends aren’t around and you can’t hang with the professionals online. Capcom fighters have a huge community and tournaments often have cash prizes. Fighters are a regular part of the E-sports trend and all the big guys use the online mode to train. But even if you will never win a million dollars for a well times shoryuken, MVC has a lot to offer gamers and comic fans alike. Nothing beats having friends over for a friendly round robin tournament to see who comes out on top. The game is highly technical so I recommend you spend some time in the training mode and mission rooms for the characters you like.

Comics and fighting games will collide again in early 2013 when the creators of Mortal Kombat release Injustice: Gods among us. It pits all the biggest DC comics characters in epic one on one battles. It’s a must buy for me so ill review for you guys when it hits. I’ll do a write-up for the Marvel Heroes action MMO when it finally hits as well.

  1. Drew Headley says:

    This is a very good game! Even thought the days of letting my children win against me on occasion are long gone. Now I struggled for even 1 win!

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