Clix Scenarios: Rotworld

Posted: December 12, 2012 in DC, Games
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Rotworld is a big event bringing Animal Man and Swamp Thing together in an epic alternate reality tale. Property of DC Comics.

By Alex Headley
As I’ve said before, Heroclix is great for recreating comic book battles. There are enough characters and pieces in the game to do just about anything. Rotworld  is an ongoing event centered on the conflict between the Green (plant life) the Red (animal life) and the Rot( decay). The Rot has won and Earth’s heroes have fallen and become twisted zombies of rotting flesh. Only a few people remain, protected by the Green and the Red. Swamp Thing and Animal Man each lead a small group of heroes to war against the all powerful Anton Arcane, the avatar of the Rot. I thought this was a fun scenario and set out to recreate it in Clix. Some were more difficult than others. For the Green I made a 400 point team of Swamp Thing, Poison Ivy, Alan Scott Green Lantern and John Constantine. Swampy and Ivy are very accurate, as they are the Green’s top representatives. I cheated a bit with Constantine, while he does appear in the event it’s as part of Animal Man’s team. Alan Scott is the Green’s avatar on Earth Two so he fits thematically even if he doesn’t appear in the series itself. The Green is probably the best of the three teams in a standard game. There is a clear tentpole in Swamp Thing and lots of support to keep him going.  Constantine’s ability to shut down probability control while using his own is huge and GL serves as a more than adequate second attacker. Ivy provides support with barrier and smoke cloud/poison to the team.

Next up is the Rot. This was an easy team to build. DC 10th Anniversary provided us with some excellent zombified heroes in the form of Black Lanterns. Sadly, i don’t have the BL Superman to pair with Batman and Wonder Woman but I do have Bizarro, a suitable stand in the still provides a zombie feel and has the monster keyword, important to avoid any ill affects from Batman’s pulse wave. While the trinity of DC heroes have yet to appear in Rotworld I think it’s certain that they will and in the absence of an Anton Arcane clix this is the best I can do. The Black Lantern Alternate Team Ability helps keep Bats and WW alive and kicking.

The Red gives us a couple of options. One is to try to match the lineup from the book. That would be Animal Man, Steel, Beast Boy (in his new red color), Constantine and Black Orchid ( a new, unclixed character) and Frankenstein. With Orchid unavailable, the team is incomplete so I prefer an all animal theme team focused on making Animal Mad a complete badass. Animal Man leads Beast Boy( starting in his pterodactyl form), Detective Chimp, Cosmo ( the Marvel U Russian telepathic dog), the Avenger’s Tigra and the Inhuman’s Lockjaw and Hairball. Lets just pretend that these are various servants of the Red sent to assist Buddy Baker in his quest. Animal Man’s trait lets him copy the combat abilities, speed powers and attack powers of any animal. This team gives him access to flight, telekinetic, stealth, indomitable, duo attack, incapacitate, mind control, pulse wave, teleport and so much more. It’s hard to resist that kind of power and versatility. And it just looks so damn fun. All of these teams are competent and powerful. They can be played one on one against each other or you can make your own three way battle. You could also double the points available to the Rot( up to 800) and play a two vs three battle. Add more heroes and pretend they are undead rotlings. Clix with steal energy, poison or regeneration are particularly thematic.
Play these teams and let me know what you think or make your own scenari and share them in the comments. Better yet, if you live in Alabama come join us on Saturdays at 2 at Kingdom Comics in Vestavia. Thanks for reading.

    • I saw this guy and somehow didn’t catch that it was Anton. Should definitely be used on bigger Rot teams. The rookie can be a decent tie up for cheap. Doesn’t really hold up to today’s pieces though.

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