What I want from a Justice League film

Posted: January 14, 2013 in DC, Movies
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By Alex Headley
So even though I think rushing into a Justice League film is an ill advised move on the part of Warner Brothers I figured I’d jump on the bandwagon and offer some unsolicited advice to the Warner execs in charge of making this thing happen. So without further ago, here are five things I want to see in a JL movie.

This costume could translate to the big screen quite well.

5. Martian Manhunter
Poor old J’onn always gets overlooked despite being one of the most prominent and consistent leaguers of all time. Add to that, the fact the he is a complete badass with a very visual powerset and including him is a no-brainier. Yeah, I love Cyborg in the New 52 JL but I want a classic lineup( and a Manhunter spinoff movie). The Manhunter’s appearance in the much acclaimed Justice League cartoon series and the exposure he received there is another incentive to include him. Also, he’s one of my favorite comics characters and his inclusion would go a long way to getting me on-board with the film. Get on it movie dudes.

3. Skip the origins
If Warner’s is intent on jumping in the deep end without establishing a connected universe like Marvel did then let’s skip right to the good stuff. Buck the origin trend. Everyone knows Batman and Superman at this point and thanks to Ryan Reynolds everyone is at least aware of Green Lantern. I’m sure audiences have heard of Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman and Manhunter. Again the JL cartoon helps with this. We’ve seen these heroes before. If we have to have some kind of origin do it quickly and creatively. Something like the opening credits in The Incredible Hulk or Watchmen, something that just shows us something important about each hero. Or use J’onn’s telepathy to do something similar later on in the flick.

3. A compelling villain

Pictured: Not what we want to see. The New 52’s take on Darkseid was bland and forgettable. Let’s avoid that in the movie.

No matter who makes into the League on the big screen, the group will need a threat worthy of its attention. Rumor is that it will be Darkseid. That’s a pretty good choice and if its true there is a wealth of stories to choose from when adapting him. So please, movie guys go with a classic Darksied/New Gods story. Use crazy stuff like Omega Sanctions and the Anti-Life equation. Throw in Orion if you want. Just don’t make Darksied, or any villain, a mindless monster. Cast someone great in the role and let them cut loose on the villainy.

2. Make Wonder Woman awesome
Wonder Woman is supposed to be a dominating force in the DCU so make her standout. Cast a great actress that can make her more than the token female. She’s as powerful as Superman and often wields swords, shields and other weaponry. She can also provide some fun moments as Thor does in his movies and Avengers. She is just as alien to the modern world and it could be fun to see her then. Watching her try to fit ij would be fun and bring some humor the movie that might be overwhelmed in grim tones otherwise.  Make her a total badass. And give her some pants, DC!

1. Make it fun
Solo movies/books are there to give us deep insight into a character and how they live, think, act in the world. Team-ups though are all about the fun. How many “talking to fish” jokes will the Flash make? What will Superman think of a dark hero like Batman? How will Batman react to the insane power of these other guys? How many Oreos will Martian Manhunter consume? I think it’s that element of fun that made Avengers so special. What are your favorite scenes from Avengers? The Hulk punching Thor, “puny god”, “I’m always angry”, and various Tony Stark quips top the list for most fans I’m sure. Nolan gave us plenty of dark, psychological super hero stuff with his trilogy and Man of Steel seems like it wants to explore humanity and the concept of a greater good. And that stuff is great, but when all the heroes collide and unite you have to boil each one down to their essence. You have to bring out what makes them likable. And that’s what Justice League needs, to be a fun, like able movie that everyone can go see two, three or even four times. That’s what WB has to do to launch this franchise. Lets hope they pull it off.

What do you guys want to see in a Justice League flick? Let me know in the comments.

  1. raheadley says:

    Two words, The Atom! Although Ray Palmer is my fave, use Ryan Choi.

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