What to Watch: Avengers, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

Posted: January 21, 2013 in Marvel, Reviews
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Each episode boasts a cast of 4 to 8 characters.

By Alex Headley
Although it’s been cancelled now so that Marvel can launch a new cartoon to tie in with their Ultimate Spider-Man series. But Earth’s Mightiest Heroes perfectly capture the essence of the team. In its two seasons, it manages to not only to create a great version of  the core cast but also expands not just the roster but the Marvel U to its limits The show features Ms. Marvel, The Fantastic Four, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Skrulls, Kree, Beta Ray Bill and even Spider-Man. It adapts some great stories too and even improves on a few of them. The show’s take on Secret Invasion is quite good and I think I liked it better than the comic event it’s based on. Similarly, the show’s Hulk/Banner dynamic uses the same idea as Mark Waid’s series a few years before Waid’s book even launched. Hank Pym is put to great use here as well as the show runners manage to really capture the character and make only small alterations to his personality and origin. Hawkeye has some excellent episodes as well and his friendship with Black Panther is fun to watch. They really nail Cap too, really everyone is just great. The showrunners get to the core of the character in a way that’s excited for adults to see but would also entertain kids with ease.
The animation is solid, with lots of vibrant colors and action packed into each episode. The voice acting is great too, delivering spot on interpretation of most of the cast. Hulk stands out a great deal and I hope that reprises the role in future cartoon or games (he’s already done it once for the Infinity Blade Style Avengers Alliance on IOS). Iron Man does a decent Robert Downey Jr. impression and Cap has just the right amount of cheesiness and inspiration in his dialogue and Hawkeye is not only appropriately cocky but funny too. It’s a great cast and I really hope to hear them involved in other Marvel properties.

It’s just so bad.

One thing that bugs me though is the Wasp. Not the character necessarily, although I think she is a bit childish in early episodes, but it’s that costume. It’s just awful, what with its unnecessary antennae, overuse of yellow and anime hair. The thing is, Jan is supposed to be the fashionable Avenger and she has plenty of much better costumes the designers could have gone with. The worst part is it appears in nearly every episode! It’s a small complaint but it detracts from the overall quality it just stands out so badly because all the other costume designs are great. Still, I highly recommend that you give a shot, the whole series is available on Netflix right now.

  1. Ken says:

    I agree that it’s worth a shot, but it’s just a shadow of Season One, in my opinion. The Kree and Secret Invasion arcs had multiple episodes, but the ending episode, with a major major villain, felt rushed and tacked on. To do that villain justice they should have given it a multiple episode run. It was a let-down from the first season. Maybe they knew they were done for and decided to put less effort into it or something. I did not like the Ant Man arc at all, it didn’t seem solved to me. I was super happy to see Ms. Marvel, and her fight with the Kree was awesome. To Mar-vell: “I even named myself after you and you betray us?” Awesome.

    • The first was definitely better I think. The second season did take a little more time to resolve stories but every episode was worth watching I think. I love that Ms. Marvel gets a chance to shine here and I really hope that means age is headed toward being a high profile character in the comics and other media. Pym’s Yellowjacket arc was far from perfect but his portrayal in season 1 was so good I can forgive that.

  2. raheadley says:

    I need to pick these up on DVD.

  3. Horrible costumes are part of Jan’s character — the irony is she may be fashionable in civilian togs, but when it comes to spandex, she’s worn some pretty awful variations over the years.

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