Five Marvel Characters to Watch in 2013

Posted: January 22, 2013 in Marvel, Uncategorized
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With 2012 in the books, and Marvel NOW! in full swing, I thought I’d take a look at five characters poised to have great years in the Marvel-verse. Most of these characters had great 2012’s, or were recently positioned in books that should make them shine. So, without further ado, here are the five characters I’m watching in 2013.

5) Bruce Banner – now that Indestructible Hulk is ongoing, expect to see a lot more of the Bruce Banner side of the character. So far Mark Waid has made a point of defining Dr. Banner’s role in the scientific community, and it looks like this trend will continue in 2013. Mark Ruffalo and Joss Whedon did a lot to move Bruce past his image as a tragic, brooding (boring) character, and it looks like Waid and Marvel are smart enough to run with what they started.

4) Wolverine – Yes, I actually think Logan will be worth watching this year. After what Rick Remender put him through in Uncanny X-Force and his developing role as the new Professor Xavier, this character has more opportunities for growth than he has had in years. It will be hard to get away with “type casting” Wolverine as the stone cold killer he has traditionally been, and I’m looking forward to what writers like Jason Aaron and Brian Bendis do with him. I’m much less interested in Savage Wolverine, which seems like a step backwards…I’ll be avoiding that one.

3) Spider-Man – Slott earned himself a few enemies with Amazing Spider-Man #700. However, the result of the “Spider-Ock” event has left us with a very interesting character to watch. Apparently Spider-Man is going to spend much of 2013 wrecking the reputation he has worked so hard for the last 50 years. Spider-Man is almost always more interesting when things are going badly, so this should be an intriguing year.

2) Psylocke – Remender’s work with Betsy Braddock fundamentally altered her outlook on life, but it also secured her place as an “A-List” X-Man. If you need more proof of this, Psylocke will be headlining the new volume of Uncanny X-Force and featuring in the all female X-Men. I’ve been a huge fan of the character as long as I can remember, so I’m looking forward to seeing her grow into her role as a major player.

1) Cyclops – For the first time ever, Scott Summers is a bad guy. Given, he’s trying to do some good, but after AvX, he’s really on the outs with everyone, including his own team. This is a great opportunity for Cyclops to grow into a role other than the face of the X-Men (since Wolverine has taken over that role “officially”). I expect Bendis to have a lot of fun with Slim this year, especially considering his younger self will be running around as well.

  1. xmenxpert says:

    #1 just made me think, “Scott Summers is worth watching. Also, Scott Summers is worth watching. It’ll be interesting to see what Cyclops and Cyclops do this year. Will Scott make things right? Will the hostility Scott faces from others turn him towards the dark side? Keep your eyes on Scott Summers and Scott Summers, because Bendis seems to have big plans for Scott and Scott.”

    • Right, it will be interesting to see how Bendis uses young Scott as a foil for old Scott. The dark side language is appropriate, because although he did become Dark Phoenix, it is unclear how much of what Cyclops did was his will. It seems from these early issues that he’s become very much an “ends justify the means” character, so I’m really curious to see how far he will go with that thinking.

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