Review Round-Up Pt. 2: Batwoman and Wonder Woman go to war, B’dg trains Baz

Posted: January 27, 2013 in DC, Reviews
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By Alex Headley

This page is mind-blowing in its awesomeness. Property of DC Comics.

Batwoman 16
Just gorgeous. J.H Williams III is just a brilliant artist and he is on full display here as one of comic’s absolute best, I am thrilled that he will be helping to bring Sandman back to us soon. Batwoman has been a fantastic book since the relaunch and it shows no sign of slowing down at all. In 16 Blackman takes time to give everyone in the story a voice and a page as they battle it out with Medusa’s minions. Most of this we have seen before but Wonder Woman’s battle with the Hydra and Medusa’s retelling of her origin and the creation myth for monsters is just great. This is some truly epic stuff and it ties in quite well with what’s happening over in Wonder Woman. I can’t wait to see the ‘Mother of Monsters” next issue. The Wonder Woman/Batwoman team up has been one of the best executed ideas I’ve ever seen in an ongoing comic. It seems like an odd choice but makes so much sense once the ball gets rolling. Batwoman has always been at the center of weird in Gotham and Wonder Woman fits into it very naturally. It’s a female world’s finest story that hits all the right notes. Blackman will have a hell of time outdoing himself in the next arc. I really like Bette Kane’s two pages here too, the new costume and the inner monologue is perfect and I really hope we get to see more of her in the future.

Wonder Woman 16
Issue 16 is full of revelations and enlightening moments. Brian Azzarello continues to impress with his new take on the Amazon princess.The mythology angle is just brilliant and finally brings the character on par with the rest of the DCU. She has a great supporting cast and an interesting ongoing plot that not only is true to her character but serves the greater DCU as well. The introduction of the New Gods is very exciting and Orion is pretty great here. Cliff Chiang has really poured on the awesome in the last couple of issues, the Zeus-child Milan gives him a chance to play with lots of different visuals and images at once. I particularly enjoyed his splash page through the character’s many eyes. It’s a neat way to tie in his ability to control flies and his role as an oracle of sorts. The character that I, and the cast, assumes is Zola’s baby in some way gets some great moments here too, battling Hades in the antarctic to retrieve his armor. It’s gruesome but entertaining and gives a glimpse of the kind of power Diana is up against. But the most intriguing plot point is War’s interaction with Hera and Strife’s interest in Zola. Azzarello has created some very intriguing takes on these classic myths and I think my favorite part of the series is seeing how they are all represented, both visually and as a character in the DCU. It’s compelling stuff.
Nightwing 16
Issue 16 is much improved over the last couple of issues. A big shakeup seems to be coming down the pipe as a result of the events here in Death of the Family. This is a pretty great tie-in to the main series, though not quite on par with Batgirl or Batman and Robin. The circus motif really adds a lot of fun, classic Joker style to the book but it takes a very dark turn about halfway through. Nightwing probably suffers the most at Joker’s hands and it will be interesting to see how he recovers as a character, if at all. The ending here is the same as all the last books in the event and I think I know what might be under that silver platter. And if I’m right, boy will that change things for the Bat-Family. Nightwing 16 is a good issue, full of twists and turns and great art. We’ll see how it all turns out next month in Batman 17. Eddy Barrows is great here, creating a truly creepy atmosphere and giving the proceedings the appropriate amount of tension and fright. I really like his style and would look like to see him in other books later.

The cover to Green Lantern 16. Property of DC Comics.

Green Lantern 16
B’dg gets a whole issue! Simon Baz seems like a special character, finally getting a chance to show his worthiness of the ring in a meaningful way this time around. This issue is heartfelt and adds some new things to the GL legacy. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of Baz in upcoming JLA series. The big problem with GL 16 though is that it wraps up the Rise of the Third Army “event” without a single appearance from the Third Army, instead DC has opted to use the event to sell their other GL books, forcing us to buy New Guardians and Green Lantern Corps to get the rest of the story. I hate this tactic and its one of the many reasons event storytelling leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Despite that, we do get an interesting reveal for Hal and Sinestro in the dead zone and a tease that the First Lantern will be a big deal in the coming months. I’m curious about the character but I hopes this next mini-event keeps things isolated a bit more and follows Batman’s example for crossover storytelling. Doug Mahnke continues to knock it out of the park in this book, creating pages that beautiful to look at and convey the great emotion on display in a compelling manner. B’dg does look  a little odd from time to time but I can’t imagine that drawing a talking squirrel on every panel is the easiest thing to pull off.



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