Review Round-Up Pt. 2: Throne of Atlantis rocks, Flash continues to flounder

Posted: February 2, 2013 in DC, Reviews

The new reserve members get some significant screen time here. Also, Black Lightning! Property of DC Comics.

Aquaman 16
Throne of Atlantis continues here and takes some time to mend the relationship between Aquaman and the League. We get some more great stuff with Cyborg too and a few scenes with the reserve league called in at the end of Justice League 15. It’s a solid, entertaining book. I like that Batman is unhappy with Cyborg’s decision to call in the reserve league but at the same time very concerned about Victor in general. Batman has always been a character that cares about kids and its nice to see that extends beyond the various Robins of the DCU. Of course this is Aquaman’s book and so much of the issue is dedicated to him and some of the history of Atlantis in general. I’m glad to see the Trench return as it gives Aquaman a legitimately bad ass threat to deal with, and the plot revelation that comes along with their return is fun and intriguing if just a little on the predictable side. But predictable is to be expected in a big cross over event and at least with Throne of Atlantis meaningful things are happening. The DCU is expanding and it feels exciting. A new team is a big deal in this universe now as is the introduction of new threats. Throne of Atlantis is exactly why the New 52 was a good idea. Arthur has really been fleshed out as a character with the New 52 and I’m glad to see that development extend to the rest of DCU and benefit the line as a whole. I wish the same would happen with Wonder Woman, maybe after Trinity War.

Justice League Dark 16
Honest Constantine is funny stuff. The stuff with Tim Hunter and Zatanna is a little exposition heavy but the fight with the anti-magic cop keeps things fun. Deadman has a couple of great moments too as he gets to actually punch something for a change. It looks like Ray Fawkes is being groomed to replace Lemire in the near future and if things continue as they are I think that will be okay. The current arc is certainly fun and new and if he contributed to any of that we are in good shape. DC seems committed to making the fantasy/magic genre work in mainstream comics and this title is taking big steps toward bring more and more sci-fi/fantasy elements into the universe. Wizards, trolls, fairies and other mystical creatures send this straight into D&D levels of fantasy. Add in some fancy science cops and you have a fun clash of three genres all at once. With characters like Frankenstein appearing so prominently too, it’s really just a literary/mythological mish-mash of ideas that is just a joy to read. I’m very interested to see where it all goes and how it affects the New 52 in a larger capacity.

The cover to Flash 16. Property of DC Comics.

Flash 16
Flash is still a beautiful book and 16 finally moves the story forward in a big way. But I’m still ready for this monkey business to be done with. I don’t have much to say about Flash that I haven’t said in the last couple of months. I really hope that the title gets back on track when we are done with Grodd. The Rogues are genuinely interesting as is the potential love triangle between Patty, Barry and Iris. But none of that gets a lot of attention, instead the proceedings here feel a bit hollow, the big moment teased in the last issue is a non-issue and results in nothing more than a change of scenery. I want to care about what’s happening here but the emotional core just isn’t there and the storyline isn’t weighted at all. Things just kind of happen and then other things happen and that’s a shame because the big debut of Gorilla Grodd to the New 52 should have been bigger, meaner and lots more fun. The same goes for the new and improved Rogues and Barry’s new connection to the speed force. Instead, it all gets mushed together into an unsatisfying narrative. But hey, at least it’s pretty.


  1. raheadley says:

    Flash flounders. Hehe

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