Injustice offers a compelling alternate reality tale

Posted: February 4, 2013 in DC, Reviews

The print cover to the comic is identical to the game’s US box art.

This post will avoid spoilers for the Injustice story as best as I can but if you guys are interested in a more in depth breakdown of the story, let me know and we can get a discussion going in a later post. I will be reviewing the game once it hits on April 16 as well so look out for that too.
By Alex Headley
I wrote last week that I had mixed feelings on the tie-in comic to Netherrealm Studios upcoming DC brawler Injustice: Gods Among Us. I’m not a huge fan of stories being ‘dark and gritty’ just for the hell of it but when you put the team responsible for the ultra-violent(and super fun) Mortal Kombat at the reins of a Superman story that’s what your going to get. And you know what? It works. Injustice offers us a great ‘What If?’ tale that, so far at least, is both entertaining and thought provoking. This story could never be done in the main DCU, it holds nothing back and in the span of three issues has totally changed the course of these character’s world. These heroes are trying to be the best humanity has to offer but seem to fall short when faced with the ugliness and insanity that also exists on their world.

Here’s a trailer for the game’s story mode:

If all that sounds a little heavy for a video game tie-in book, rest easy in knowing that this is also a story in which The Flash gives Batman a piggyback ride and Harley Quinn names a submarine Gunter. There are some genuinely heartwarming moments too and some fun dialogue between Batman and Superman before the shit hits the fan.Tom Taylor, whom I haven’t heard of before this book, does a great job at balancing out the light and the dark here, especially considering that this is a story mostly crafted by the game staff and it has to end at a certain point. Taylor clearly has a good handle on the characters and I would like to see more of his work. The art is less impressive, its not bad at all, its even good at some points but its just not very memorable and the costumes designed for the game are not great. They embody everything that is wrong with the New 52 costumes but lack any real charm. Superman with shoulder pads is not a good look. On the bright side though, Wonder Woman gets pants! In the end, I think this is a title worth picking up for fans of the characters, and especially so if they plan on picking up the game in April, which if your interests crossover from fighters into comics is a must buy. The last Mortal Kombat was stellar and it looks like the team is really pulling out all the stops on this one. Not too mention that’s the only way we get to see the rest of the story play out. Imagine that, a fighter with a story worth paying attention to. What a concept! So brush up on your fighting skills and prepare to duke it out with the Justice League.

What do you think of the story so far? Too dark or an interesting take on iconic characters? If you are picking the game up, who are you most excited to play(all of them!)? What characters do you hope make it into the game that haven’t been announced yet (Aquaman!)?

  1. raheadley says:

    Dark heroes as an alternate story can be very entertaining. Just as long as it doesn’t become canon.

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