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Web Comics will be a regular feature on Comic Critique. I’ll be taking a look at the various comics available for free on the web and letting you know what I think. Web Comics are a big thing these days and there a lot to sort through. I’ll let you know which ones are worth your time.

By Alex Headley
Mark Waid has seen a lot of acclaim lately with his Daredevil series and Indestructible Hulk #1 but his most impressive feat is his digital comics hub Thrillbent. In 2010 Waid sold his comic collection to fund his experiment and endorse the digital comics format. Thrillbent plays host to all kinds of interesting concepts from Waid and others for completely free. There are a couple of ongoing series currently hosted on the site but Waid’s own series, Insufferable, is my favorite. It follows the lives of former father and son superhero duo Nocturnus and Galahad. It has a bit of a classic Batman and Robin feel except that Robin has grown up to be an annoying, money hungry douchebag. The two have been separated for years but a mystery involving the death of Galahad’s mother brings them back together. Neither are very happy about it. The story has a lot of heart and charm to it. The best part is that it feels just as big and interconnected as the Marvel or DC universes. World building is fascinating to me and Waid has created something special here. The comic updates weekly and features some excellent art by Peter Krauss that really takes advantage of the format. Images transition and change to tell the story. Instead of flipping a page, the scene just changes. It creates some cool effects throughout the series. It doesn’t always impress but it does create some unique storytelling options. I highly recommend you go check it out here. Waid’s making-of blog is a fun read in and of itself and well worth checking out too.

Each issue of Pax Arena is available in French too.

The site features several other stories worthy of your time. Give Pax Arena a shot if you enjoy sci-fi. Again, it’s the worldbuilding that draws me in on this one, it feels like it existed long before I started reading it; that lived-in quality is hard to nail down but is so important for a new property or original story. New properties can suffer from many things but feeling like a rip-off or re-tread is the worst. Despite telling a fairly standard Rogue Cop procedural story, Pax really has a unique feel to it. Creator Mast and Geoffo give the book a lot of style. It’s mostly in black and white but color pops in a t key moments. The aliens are fun to look at and the main character, Zoe, oozes baddassery on every panel. The story has some good action and puts the digital format to good use, though it’s not quite as impressive as Insufferable.