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Just in case you’ve missed it somehow, I thought I would take a moment to tell you guys about the best deal ever. Marvel is giving away 700 comics for free right now! You can grab 700 various first issues from throughout the publisher’s history digitally through the Comixology service. You can get the comics online at the Comixology site or through the IOS and Android apps. You can get them through the Marvel comics app as well. This is a pretty big and bold move on Marvel’s part to pull in new readers through digital. It’s hard to argue with free. This offer only lasts through Tuesday though, so go queue up some comics now! Be warned though, the servers are taking a beating at the moment ( no surprise there) so it may take a few tries to get everything you want.

Here’s a few titles worth checking out.
Anything Marvel NOW (to check the latest and greatest)
Hawkeye by Matt Fraction
Daredevil by Mark Waid
Avengers Academy
A Babies vs X Babies (trust me)
Any annuals (usually $5!)
Any One Shots (get a full story)
All the old Cosmis stuff
The Wizard of Oz stuff